Tampa Bay Rays use Power Plate


Third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays, Evan Longoria, says Power Plate is critical to his strength and agility training.  Studies such as Effects of power Plate Training on Sprint Running Movement and Explosive Strength Performance, help to design unique safe and fun training schedules for professional, elite, and us normal folk who take sports seriously.  I’ve found that changing exercise routes and using new and tools and unique equipment keeps me interested and increases the chance that I’ll get off the couch.  While there are many new and unique exercise studios and fresh ideas as to how to stay fit, many are not time tested or studies by Exercise Physiologist and fitness experts.  So while they may be fun, they may not be effective.  With Power Plate whole body vibration you do not have to worry.  On their website, powerplate.com, there are many studies and professional testimonials about the technology.  You will also find  various sports and specific sports injuries that have been helped with Power Plate workouts.  There is a Power Plate workout for runners, and one for Yoga.    Remember to keep it fresh and to keep it fun,  I suggest adding Power Plate to your workouts.

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